15 indications that your organization has exceptional digital experience maturity

Published by Fullstory

For today’s businesses, prioritizing the digital experience isn’t an option—it’s a must. This fact is validated across industries as leading companies like Chipotle, Peloton, Fortive, Gap, Forbes, and more invest in digital—and see big results.

What’s more, consumers’ expectations about digital experiences are on the rise. According to a FullStory survey, 58% of consumers surveyed said they wouldn’t return to a business that provides a poor digital experience.

Yet many organizations still struggle to manage and improve their digital experience, and fail to provide an experience that gives their customers and users exactly what they need, at the time they need it, with no friction or frustration.

The time when digital experiences serve as a key differentiator between online businesses is here. Now, there’s a proven, phased approach to assessing your organization’s digital experience maturity, along with actionable steps to take to advance to the next level.

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